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RVR Max Z (Butler) | DOB: 12/30/2007
Max is straight Butler and goes back to Michael McLeod’s grand bull Mesquite Mc 59 who was a beautiful frosty black bull with a nice heavy based horn set. Max`s dam is the spectacular VJ Nestor`s Brenda who is owned by the Rio Vista Ranch and has already produced some top selling offspring in the Butler Sale. Brenda is double VJ Tommie and out of the awesome VJ Tommie Sue, who is one of the best cows in Vernon & Janis Webb`s herd. Max is one of the flashiest bulls that we have owned and has a great set of big based horns. He is a BIG bull with a friendly disposition. He puts the right look on his offspring - the females are feminine and the bulls are masculine. We have seen good horn growth and anticipate that the calves will have longer horns than their dams have. Color has been exceptional and there has been no loss of conformation. He has even sired some nice show champions!
Price: N/A | Status: OF_RECORD

Sire's Sire: Mesquite MC59

Sire's Dam: Miss Jumbo`s Sugar

Dam's Sire: VJ Nestor

Dam's Dam: VJ Tommie Sue

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