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~ Box Z Ranch ~
SH Farlap Desperado 5/2 | DOB: 12/1/2011
We are currently using this extremely nice, handsome straight Butler bull; SH Farlap Desperado! We are expecting beautiful fancy offspring out of this impressive young bull with his outstanding bloodline. He has the Rocky Blue and Farlap Chex bloodlines combined with Strider R3 and Dynamite MC 46 for some of the very best in Texas Longhorn genetics making a great well-bred combination.

He looks great even though he tipped one side of his horn. Despite having tipped 4 to 5 inches he still measured 68 3/8 Tip to Tip and 73 Total inches in February 2016.

He is owned in partnership by Dora Thompson of Sand Hills Ranch and Ann & Bill Morian of Enterprise Ranch but is currently pastured with the girls at the M bar Z Ranch.

Keep an eye on our website as we are excited to have the opportunity to use this impressive straight Butler bull in our program.

Price: N/A | Status: FOUNDATION

Sire's Sire: SH Rocky Blue 26/3

Sire's Dam: Far Lapdancer YS

Dam's Sire: LT Mr. Rich

Dam's Dam: LT Little Jackie

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